We just came back from our weekly sojourn to Borders Bookstore. We cheated on our "no dairy" experiment. We had Mocha Steamers, which are at least half milk, and we added whipped cream. The chocolate part was great, but the idea of all those infection cells from the milk made me feel kind of queasy. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get past that.

While we were at Borders, I wandered into the music section. They have the best sound system in those little headphones. Two weeks ago, I purchased Crosby Stills Nash and Young's Deja Vu CD because I was amazed by the sound. As I listened, I was transported back in time to 1971. My high school boyfriend used to pick me up from school some times in his dad's old circa 1950's orange pick up truck (he picked me up in a Porsche too so don't pity me). Anyway, he used to play Deja Vu on the 8-track in the truck. I really love being taken back to a particular place in time when I hear an old song.

Well, I didn't know it two weeks ago, but it seems I was coming down with a nasty virus. It must have affected my hearing, or my brain somehow, because when I played Deja Vu on my car stereo, it wasn't nearly as satisfying as it was in Borders.

Anyway, I digress... I was in the Classical section tonight, and I came across a CD of choral favorites. Oh My God. There was a selection I knew - I mean, every note, every part, every word - in Latin. It was "Agnus Dei" from Gabriel Faure's Requiem. I had performed the entire requiem way back in college. However, the piece I was listening to was done masterfully - not like some college chorus. I could feel heaven itself open to accept the soul of the departed. The choir sounded better than Angels singing. My toes curled. I got TEARS in my eyes. It was that awesome!

Ahh Music!


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