I am a terrible daughter. Just awful. Today, the kidlet and I went to the laundromat to do our comforters and blankets (believe it or not, here, near the Pacific Ocean, it is still cool enough to use a comforter at night - our summer begins late August and runs thru most of October). We did our laundry, and then I remembered that my poor old mother was probably in need of clean underwear, and has a stress fracture of her foot. I totally didn't think of asking her if she needed her laundry done. I am gonna get some bad karma off this one....

After the laundry, we went grocery shopping. I often wonder if box-persons have to go to some sort of training class. Why is it that they will put all the lighter than air, bread in one bag, and all the heavy, canned goods in another. Why not mix them up? A little light stuff with a little heavy stuff. Jeez, we had plastic bags breaking, and stuff falling out all the way up the three, count 'em, three flights of stairs we had to schlep to get to our apartment. I am going to have a serious "come to Jesus meeting" with the next box-person I encounter. Surely they are not trained to pack groceries like that.

Rented a pretty good movie today. "Pollack". I never understood Jackson Pollack's art. To me, it just looked like paint, kinda slopped on canvas. I guess I have no appreciation for modern art. But, I really did appreciate the way this film portrayed Jackson Pollack as an alcoholic. No big dramatic "issues" behind his drinking. No childhood traumas that caused it. He was simply a drunk. He drank. He ruined his relationship with the woman he loved, and screwed up his life. Sad, but it happens a lot. It was a really well done film, and I have been thinking about it all day. (That's more than I can say about Scary Movie 2!)

Man, I've got, like, two days worth of dishes to wash. Blechhh....


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