If reincarnation turns out to be true, I would like to come back in my next life as some sort of a bird.

I was sitting on my balcony, watching the morning activities of the neighborhood birds. We are surrounded by all sorts of feathery guys. Turtle Doves are cruising the gully - looking for breakfast. Across the way, at the Little League field, the Crows were having a blast, intimidating the Finches. The Finches were all over the in-field, poking around for worms. The Crows would swoop down on them like vampires, and the little Finches would fly away. Then, the Crows would leave, the Finches would gather, and the same scene would repeat itself. Now, the Crows have been gone for a while - I guess they're finished playing, and the Finches are having the best time! They all gather in a group near the parking lot. Then, the chirping begins. It gets louder, and louder, and finally, everybody takes off at one time, and fly over to the ravine across the street. After a while, they start back, gathering at the parking lot... and, on, and on.

I don't think birds are the rocket scientists of nature. There were a couple of Mockingbirds who were having a major battle in flight. They landed on our driveway, and for a couple of seconds, still going at it (and, no, they weren't making love...). Then, right in the middle of their fight, they both got distracted, and wandered away from each other, looking for a snack.

One of those gigantic Herons flew out of the ravine a little while ago. It looked like a 747 taking off!

Yep. I want to come back as a bird.


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