Someone has taken to standing outside my bedroom window, and smoking cigarettes. A couple of nights ago, I was nearly asleep,when I thought I smelled it. The smoke that comes out of a person when they exhale from a cigarette. I peeked out my window blinds, and saw nothing. But, the next day, there were two butts on the ground, right outside my window.

Last night - well, technically speaking, this morning - at about 4:30 a.m., I felt the building shake as somebody was either coming in, or going out of a door. Then, the cigarette smell. I went back to sleep, and again, the building shook at about 5:15. Cigarette, with just a hint of cherry...

I'm exhausted from being kept awake by somebody elses addiction. Plus, when did it change so that people don't just stay in their homes and smoke? I smoked for 20 years, and I can't tell you how many apartments I stunk up! It's not like the person doesn't stink from the smoking - their hair stinks from it - their clothes stink from it - are they so delusional they think their belongings won't stink if they just smoke outside? "Gosh, Joe really reeks from cigarettes, but his sofa smells divine!"

I'm also tired because my two sponsees are both having man problems. One of them had to throw her formerly homeless, brain damaged, recovering heroin addict out, for becoming angry and throwing stuff at the TV/VCR/DVD/Stereo (he purchased for himself instead of paying her any rent..). I guess violence was her bottom with this loser. She called me, sobbing about how badly she felt for throwing him out on his butt. I had to talk her down. It's amazing what some of us will put up with just so we can tell ourselves and others that we have "somebody". And, I was feeling at a loss too, because I'm not the greatest comforter in the world. I tend to fall apart and forget what to say, when I hear sobbing on the other end of the phone.

My other sponsee's married boyfriend is giving her fits because he doesn't want her to go to certain meetings because there's a man at those meetings that my sponsee really likes. (whew!)

He says it's him or the meetings.

Now, there are lots of AA meetings, but I don't think allowing somebody elses insecurity and jealousy run one's life is a good plan. What's going to happen if he starts getting all twitchy about a certain boxboy at the supermarket? Will she be forced to switch from Vons to Ralphs?

I don't think I was much help with her either. I told her to sleep on her decision, and in the morning, when she was refreshed, she would probably be more clear-headed. I sound like my mom.

Off to work. I only hope "Arnold" doesn't honk his nose in my vicinity today, or he might just get poked in it!


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