I just got a call from one of my sponsees. The one whose boyfriend got violent and tried breaking the vcr/stereo/dvd/tv... He telephoned her late last night, and told her how bad he felt about what he had done. He said he missed her. He said he missed her cat... He wanted to see her.

At least she didn't let him come right over. (At one time, I would have fallen for that line, so at least she's smarter than I used to be). Since I have had all this great experience with losers, I was able to pass on the following:

He should feel "bad" about what he did. Duh!

I asked her to inquire whether or not he felt "bad" about owing her $1500 in rent....

I suggested not so very gently, that she hold off on any romantic reunions until after he coughs up the rent money he owes. (That should take care of that, since I happen to know he'll never pay up. Losers never do.)

I get really emotional when I hear stuff like this. It's all my stuff. I know how incredibly stupid a person can feel after being convinced into taking some smooth-talking creep back "just one more time" for "one more chance" only to get screwed, big time, again.

She may turn out to be smarter than I was. Sometimes she gets it. We'll see.


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