We couldn't wait any longer for that Dubya money to burn a hole in our pockets. We went to the mall for a little BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!!

We hit Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, some overpriced little shop called of Beyond the Beach, and on our way out, we cruised through TJ Maxx. We spent a little over two hundred of our allotted five. We're not done, we just ran out of time.

The shopping trip didn't start off that well. I let the kidlet gather up some outfits she liked, and herded her into the dressing room. I couldn't believe what I saw when she came back out! My sweet little, darling baby - whose bottom I powdered - Looked like a Ho! I'm not just overblowing this either. See, she's built like one of those 1950's sex goddesses - all curves and big boobs. But she's only 13! Gotta hide that stuff for as long as possible. She doesn't fully understand her power! So, she comes out with the halter tops (too small, of course) and the low slung jeans, and the skin hugging mini skirts.... I couldn't figure out what she was seeing when she looked in the mirror - certainly not what I saw!

Anyway, after she threw me out of the dressing room for making blunt comments - I had some time to think. She's going into high school. Due to her ADHD, and high-and-outside personality, she's been the kid the others make fun of, her entire scholastic career. This year, she wants to make a more sophisticated impression. Hence, the hooker get-ups.

Duh! I Get It!

So, we found a way to compromise. I got her to give up the outfits I just couldn't live with - and, I brought in some stuff that was older looking - the kind of stuff that made her look "mysterious" (somewhere, she read that boys like a little mystery - wish somebody woulda told ME that!)

After all was said and done - we closed the mall. My feet were killing me. She was deliriously happy. And, we were still on speaking terms! Now, it's on to shoes, cosmetics (yikes!), and accessories.


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