Yesterday, I stolled out of Starbucks, Frappuccino in hand, after purchasing a Beachboys compilation CD. Sitting on the sidewalk, in the distance, was a young man who was begging (sign saying "Hungry - Help"). Since that is no ordinary occurance in this particular neighborhood, I took more notice as I got closer.

Out of the Pick 'n Save strode a fat, no-upper-lipped, beer bellied, game-show-host haired, conservative type. He asks the begging guy (loudly), if the guy had a job. I see the guy's head shake "no". The conservative a-hole asks him if he wants a job. Head shakes "no" So, the big, bloated SOB yells at the guy how he shouldn't ask for help from anyone, and walks away.

As I'm just coming up on the begging guy, I take a closer look. His head is still shaking "no". He's got some kind of neurological disorder that makes his head shake "no"! He wasn't even responding to that jerk-off!. He was just sitting there shaking! I felt so bad for this kid. Oh, sure, he probably got the neurological disorder from sniffing glue, but it's not right to kick somebody when they're down like that either! So, I gave him $5... along with the motherly admonition to avoid getting high with it... yeah, that'll do it!

Anyway, I am going to try to pay closer attention to things before I make judgements in the future.

August 13, 2001

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