I was kept awake last night by our ghost. Did I forget to mention the ghost in our apartment? Oh. Yeah....

We've had a few things happen. One time, I was sitting in the front room watching TV and my daughter was in the dining room on the computer. Nobody was in the kitchen. A glass, which had been in the drainer all day (on one of those glass draining peg thingys), decided to defy gravity, hurl itself up and over onto the counter. I placed it on the same glass draining peg and went back to my TV watching. About 30 minutes later, the thing did it again. Lift-off, flip and crash. Eewww!

Then, our cat began crying in the middle of the night, like somebody was hurting him. He sleeps in the bedroom with us now, and won't go into the front room at night.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sleeping, when all of a sudden, somebody lifted a portion of my hair, and let it drop. Then, the same somebody pressed my knee into the bed....

Last night, I was asleep on the sofa (kidlet had beans for dinner....) and at 3 a.m., I was awakened by what sounded like somebody throwing a ball at the wall of our apartment building thump, thump, thump. At 3 a.m.??? So, I laid there, wondering what it was for a little while, until I realized the sound was coming from our dining room! Like somebody was hitting the wall! I got up, thinking maybe it was the cat - but no. As I approached the dining room, it thumped twice, very fast - and stopped... Aaaaaaaaaaa!

I don't know what is going on in our apartment. We love it enough to stay even if there's a ghost, so I guess we'll be having more encounters.

It does makes sense that the guy who lived there before us, moved out after only six months!!!!!


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