The farming venture is well underway. Yesterday, I visited the Parks & Recreation lady, paid the money, and got my key to the garden gate. Last night, we went to the gardens and picked out our plot. We chose a lovely center plot, close to the hose.

Then, we hot-footed it over to our local OSH store to purchase our farming equipment - shovel, spade, cultivator, some long-handled thing that looks like a gigantic fork, a cool looking weeder, gardening gloves, seeds, a mini-greenhouse to start the seeds growning, and seed starting mix. ($88.88 - some things AREN'T priceless).

I decided against building my own composting box for now. I don't have much time between the hot-hot weather and the cold-cold weather that is coming up, to get my first crop in and harvested, and make compost right now. So, I am going to buy pre-made, organic compost. It's $5 a bag. Much cheaper and easier than wood, nails, collecting garbage, etc. Maybe for the next crop.

We started our first batch of seeds in the mini-greenhouse. We've got two kinds of chili peppers, lemon balm, brocolli and cauliflower started. My first crops will have to be warm weather loving veggies, so I chose onion, garlic, spinach, the peppers, the lemon balm, some nastursiums (to cut down on bugs)and lavender for a kind of border.

Tonight, we take our tools over to our "land" so we can begin to turn the soil and get rid of the weeds.

I guess this means I'm a sharecropper...


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