Oh. False alarm on that whole banging ghost deal. Turns out, that particular visitation was just the guy next door trying to close his sliding glass door about a million times. The other stuff, is still a mystery.


When I am PMS'ing, I get real weird. Last night, my kidlet wanted to go out for her usual walk, but I decided it was too late. She asked if she could go over to the park, which is practically next door, so I said okay. However, in my hormonally challenged state, it took me about 5 minutes before I decided she was going to be kidnapped. So, I set about trying to find her. I walked down to the park, past little old ladies walking their dogs, and 6 year olds riding their bicycles. They all looked suspicious to me. Every bush appeared to be an axe murderer, out to grab my child. It's so odd the way an extreme drop in estrogen will affect my mind. Besides the ability to weep over Kodak commercials, being exhausted from needing to get up up 2 or 3 times a night to pee, and the overwhelming desire to have an IV of Hershey's chocolate attached to my arm, I become unbelievably paranoid and anxious.

I long for menopause... Just imagine it - one mood, all month long...

Of course the kidlet was fine! There were loving couples walking hand and hand, and children frolicking on the grass of our park. It wasn't even quite dark yet. Everything just appeared sinister to me. And, even though I knew my fears were hormonally related, I still had them. Some months, I just have to wait it out, and hope I don't make too big a fool of myself in the meantime.


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