My daughter called, and the Dan the farmer man has roto-tilled our garden! Yeah!!!! She says it looks beautiful!

We are going to walk over to our local Italian restaurant for some pasta and spumoni tonight, so we'll probably go over to the garden and water it tomorrow. Sunday - is compost day.


Strange thing happened today during lunch. I usually go home for lunch every day. It kind of breaks my work time into two small, easier to digest pieces - plus eating at home is waaaay more economical than eating out.

So, I'm home, and the kidlet and I are watching the Maury Povich show - which, if watched with a parent can be used as a good "cautionary tale" type experience. Lots of "are you my baby's daddy" episodes - lousy 16 year old boyfriends cheating - and other trailer trash behavior going on. We have a running dialog throughout the entire show. Well. Somehow the subject of abortion came up. It's been coming up kind of frequently lately. I guess she has questions and/or concerns. My daughter asked me (not for the first time either) if I had ever had one of those. I've usually been able to side-step the answer - but today, I was sort of pinned into a corner - and I answered yes -that I had an abortion.

I don't know if that was the right thing to do or not. It was the truth. I'm not ashamed of it. Gosh, my own mother has a tale to tell of her own abortion done in a back-alley in 1948! She was so determined not to have a baby - and it took 5 months before she could locate a willing abortionist - that she nearly died from blood loss afterward. She told me the story when I was just about my own daughter's age.

My daughter was pretty shocked at my admission. But, I was able to reiterate what I have told her on the subject before. In my opinion, whether or not to have an abortion is a very serious and grave decision to have to make. It cannot ever be taken lightly, and the affects are with you for the rest of your life. She told me that she values my opinion on the subject over other peoples, since I had been through it. Well, that's a positive thing, I guess...


Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. She is working at her volunteer job at the hospital, so I ordered some flowers to be delivered to her - 'cause as we women know - flowers are great, but they just don't count unless other people get to see that you got them!!!!


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