Have I mentioned lately how much i DETEST vertigo? It always comes when I have things to do! Never on one of those rainy days when I don't want to go outside. Today, I woke up spinning. Or, rather, the world around me was spinning. My eyeballs were going back and forth and back and forth, trying to find a spot to land. With every change in the position of my head, I had to pause and close my eyes, or I was going to barf...

It's a little better now. It always takes a few hours to lessen. It better hurry, because today, I have to go to the supermarket for supplies - like dish soap - it looks like a health department situation in my kitchen - and I have to go to the nursery to get compost, brush bean seeds and a hoe.

Speaking of my garden - we have germination!!! Yeah! The lettuce seeds I planted not 3 days ago have started to germinate, and we have delicate little stalks and tiny little leaves poking up from the soil! We are truly farmers now!!!

And, joy of all joys (NOT!!) I get to spend dinner out with, not only my daughter and my mom, but also my Homer Simpson-like brother and his two kids who love to fight and bicker all night. How restful. How serene. How headachey....


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