I have an un-dairy update. About 19 days ago, we went off dairy as an experiment to see what would happen to us. Would we, as we had read, feel better? Would our allergies diminish? Would handsome men suddenly find me unbearably attractive and would I become multi-orgasmic? (well, a girl can dream, can't she?)

The only difference I can say for sure, is, in the morning, when I was serenading my fellow commuters - my pipes were not all phlegmmy. That was nice, not only for me, but for my audience as well, I'm sure.

Other than that, nothing changed. We feel the same now as before.

That being said, I probably will use a lot less dairy, and when I do, it will have to be some type of organic product, mostly out of concern for the cows. As you can tell, I love cows. I aim to own a few some day, so I can love them up close and pesonal.

As a side note - I would like to comment on Soy milk as a substitute for cow milk. Are you effing kidding? I thought I was going to FART myself to death!!!!! I think it is a far less horrible fate to drink a few million pus cells, than to be relegated to the back room of the house - away from one's family!!! Jeez what a nightmare that was!


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