We composted yesterday in the heat of the midday sun. So, I guess the old addage should be changed to reflect Mad Dogs, Englishmen and Doofusy, newfangled gardners. See, there was a scheduling conflict yesterday. I had to go pick up my niece, so we could all go to the mall, and she could distract my kidlet while I birthday shopped - and then, we had to go to dinner with my mom and brother. I had spinning vertigo, which lasts til it's done, and I wasn't all that sure I would be okay to compost this morning. So, we went to the nursery and picked up 4, 30-lb bags of compost, hauled them in the back of my tiny little car, over to the garden and hand-carried them to our plot. I have bruises on my right arm from schlepping them - my brother said it looked as if I had been slamming heroin!

We composted and watered. Now the other gardeners - the ones we never see because they garden at appropriate hours - will see that we have made some progress. Today, we'll go back and mix the soil again, and water some more. Fertilizing begins next week, and serious planting next weekend. Woo Hoo! I'm a little concerned about the early germination I was so happy about yesterday. See, it may be another 3 - 4 weeks before the little lettuce and cauliflower seedlings are ready to be transplanted into the garden - but we here in California have at least 8 weeks of ungodly heat before Fall falls. I think my little baby veggies will wilt in the heat. I did read about covering them with a layer or two of cheesecloth to make it cooler. Perhaps I'll try that.

Vertigo is a little better today, thank God. I was a sight last night, trying to make my way down three flights of rickety stairs whilst hanging on to a two-load laundry basket and a jug of detergent without holding on to the hand-rail. Every time I looked down, the world would spin. I was certain I would topple to my death at any moment! But, it was that or the two-days worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. My kidlet did those and I chose the death-defying laundry adventure.

Gotta go clean the rest of this mess.


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