I am late getting here today. I've been lying in my bed, listening to classical music for the past half-hour. I love classical music. When I was a kid, the LA Philharmonic had concerts directed at children. I so loved to go to those concerts! I would sit, mesmerized, not moving a muscle. Just letting all that gorgeous sound go into my little soul.

This morning, I was trying to think of rock music that was good in the way classical music is good. I think some of the Beach Boys stuff, like the album "Pet Sounds" would possibly qualify. Also, perhaps some Radiohead and even - okay, get ready - some early Van Halen. This is just a peliminary list of course.


Last night, I planted my flowery border to my vegetable garden - lavender, marigolds, some ornimental sunflowers at the back, and a couple of seed packets of flowers I have never even heard of or seen before. One of these is called "Love Lies Bleeding" I had to get those, if only for their name. I also planted the first of the herbs - Catnip, Chammomile, and Sage - I guess we need some more herbs... I planted my sickly tomato plant. I talked to it as I planted, and reminded the poor thing that this was it's chance to show everybody what it could do. It's chance to shine.


Speaking of shining - This Woman paid me a lovely compliment yesterday, and of course, now I have a terrible case of diarists block! You really need to read her diary. Start waaay back and read forward. It's such a treat!


I have too much work to do today. Good thing one of my bosses is on vacation and the other is travelling by plane. That means only the one that doesn't bug me too much will be bugging me. Maybe I can get something done. Yeah. Right!!! Give me one hour and I'll be dicking around as ususal.


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