Sweet Mother of God! It is hot in Disneyland! I thought we were going to get heat stroke.

I had a really good time at Disneyland! I haven't had fun there in years. I figured out that part of my problem with D-land had to do with my former husband being there. Not that he was a bad amusement park date - it's just that he was one more person in the mix. With my daughter and her friend, I just tagged along, and was able to enjoy the ride - literally! It was really fun. We left home at about 10 a.m. and returned at 11 p.m. Long day for an old lady. I would call in sick to work except I have one crucial thing to do. After that's done, I might just ditch.

There must have been a Goth convention at Disneyland yesterday. No exaggeration - we probably saw 75 of them. At first, they were just here and there - a smattering of Goths in two's and three's - until they all seemed to converge upon Toon Town (mayhaps to ride together on "It's a Small World"?) Lots of colors of hair ( BLACK) - oppressive black (velvet???) clothing in the near 100 degree heat. Some of them carried umbrellas or parasols to keep the sun off their skin. I'll bet I would be the envy of all of the Goths, with my naturally pearlescent complexion. There were Goths of every walk - Tall Goths, gay goths, fashionably cute Goths, UUUUUGLY Goths, deaf Goths, a Goth that looked suspiciously like Brad Pitt... What an interesting group these Goths are. I'm far too old to know what their deal is - except for what I can see - black clothes, dark makeup, black hair, funny shoes - I don't know what they stand for, or wish to accomplish in the world. I'd like to know. I'd probably be down with it...

I did have one humerous thought - I guess some of these Goths like to fancy themselves as witches, with their long, black skirts and silver amulet-type jewelry. Ohhhh. Scary. I'll bet they would never have guessed that the chubby blonde lady in the shorts and tennis shoes has been a practitioner of the Craft since they were in junior high school... Now that's scary!

Anyway - my kidlet has decided she will be a Goth today. Gee that's great.


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