I spent too much money today! First, we went to my daughter's doctor - the pediatrician she's been seeing since she was 5 days old - for her back-to-school physical exam. We got a rather unpleasant surprise - our doctor of 14 years is quitting our insurance plan! We have to get another doctor! I mean, we were getting ready to change doctors already, because my kidlet is too old for a pediatrician - but, I always thought I would be the one to leave her - not the other way around.

Of course, I started getting all sentimental - remembering the good times - like when my kidlet was practically a newborn, and I thought she looked bored - so I called the pediatrician. We were almost her first patients and she always had time to chat. She told me to put the baby in her car seat, and plunk her down in front of the TV, and turn on Sesame Street. One time, she met my husband and me at the emergency room, because my new baby wouldn't stop crying, and I thought there was something horribly wrong with her. Turns out she was hungry. I thought when Dr. Spock said a baby of a certain age should have 3 oz. of formula - that's all it should get! My poor, poor hungry baby! It's a wonder she grew up at all...

Oh, yeah - the money. I spent $45 at the doctor's office, and then $30 at the pharmacy for the kidlet's back-to-school Ritalin. She's probably only going to need the stuff for this year, and then she's off for good. She doesn't take it on weekends, holidays, or summer vacation. Only for study. So, as poor as I was after the big Disneyland trip - I'm even more impoverished now. Ah, but what's money for, if not to spread around? I'm helping the economy out. We're having fun. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow...

Speaking of money - Get this - My former husband asked me to take our daughter to the mall, in order to pick out a birthday gift for HIS NEW WIFE! Hello! What's wrong with this picture?? He said he didn't know what to get her... I learned early in our relationship that I needed to send him to the mall with a LIST. He would usually just buy everything on the list - and that was cool. If there was no list - he couldn't figure out what to get. So, I guess my husband didn't lose a wife - He has TWO!! It's just so validating to see the behavior hasn't changed from wife to wife.

Okay - this is for my honorary kidlets Stephen, Ruthie, Roxybabe, and Scarlett - Brush your teeth, say your prayers, and GO TO BED!!!


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