I was busy today. Slept in till 8:30, ground some coffee beans, turned on the oven, made blueberry scones, started chopping tomatoes for homemade (killer) salsa - all before waking up the kidlet. It was a gorgeous morning too. Blue sky with big, fluffy, white clouds rolling by. Soft breeze blowing the tree in front of my balcony. The tree sounds like the ocean when the wind blows.

I cleaned the apartment. It was a sty.

Then, the kidlet and I went to my friend Rhonda's annual Labor Day party. It's always nice. Lots of friendly people, lots of babies and toddlers. Loads of food! We ate, and ate. We had a really informative discussion (lesson) on Judiasm from a guy who was there - he used to work at my company - as my daughter is an eager student of theology. She's pretty much mastered Wicca already - she devours information. Now, she wants to get into Judiasm, with a special emphasis on the mystical side. So, my friend was giving her the lowdown on differences between Orthodoxy, Conservatism and Reform. She likes the Conservative/Reform aspects, as they allow much more room for personal decision making and questioning. Personally, I think it's all good.

After we left the party, we got back home and changed into our farming duds. We had to pull the little weeds out of the soil before we plant tomorrow. FINALLY - we are putting in our first crops. We've decided on bush beans (they'll be ready for Thanksgiving), carrots, cucumbers, and green onions. In a few weeks, we'll transplant the cauliflower and peppers we have germinating on the balcony. (that is, if my cats don't eat them first - they love greens...)

I gotta confess - I must be the finest looking farmerette those old codgers have seen in a long time. Like moths to a flame... Today, an old fella by the name of Norm came by to chat. He's planning on a return visit tomorrow - to watch me plant my veggies. Jeez. Even with my fat pants on, I'm still an old fart magnet...


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