I'm watching the craziest, scariest car chase right now. Some nut stole a tow-tuck. A BIG one, and is driving all around Long Beach. He has gone over a few spike strips, and three of his tires are flat. There are sparks and flames shooting out from under the truck - directly around and over an external fuel tank..... If he wasn't in a residential area - I would be just as happy if he blew to high heaven! I swear. There are few individuals I detest more than a car chase suspect. They place so many innocent lives in danger for absolutely no good reason. I don't remember the last time anyone got away from a pack of determined cops! Yesterday, there was a big car chase down the 405 freeway in West L.A. Exactly where my kidlet and her dad like to go on their weekends. So, of course, I spend time being unusually nervous and anxious about the whole thing. (like out of the entire LA freeway population, they would be involved...

I turned on the TV to find out what was going on in MY neighborhood last night. There were sirens - lots of them - then, there was a helicoptor, flying around in a circle, about a block from here - and a police officer was announcing through a loud speaker - "If you come out now, you will not be harmed". What is going on these days? People are nuts!

The tow-truck driver has been shot with rubber bullets, and arrested! I saw the last part of it. The truck is totally in flames!!! Apparently, he was a temporary employee of the tow truck company. (I guess he got some wrong information about the use of company vehicles!) What an ass! He so could have killed people!

I'm too cranky to continue this post. I'm going to have to hit the showers and mellow out a bit. Grrrrr!

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