So, I hope I got over all my whining and bitching. I don't know if it's PMS or not. I'm so old, my ovaries have no real "routine" any more... Could be anything. I do know I am tired. I watched a really wonderful documentary about Grizzly Bears last night. When bears are in love, they act just like humans. They "kiss" and snuggle, and romp. Anyway, I had trouble getting to sleep (see previous entry concerning helicopters and bad guys in my hood), and after I did - I had a horrible nightmare - that my cat, Malcolm-X had decided to kill me - he had huge bear-like claws, and they were scratching me. I awoke with my heart pounding (and I take meds so that doesn't happen, so you know I was doubly freaked out) only to find that my other cat, Goldie, was sticking her claws into my leg as I slept. Whew! That wasn't the best night I ever had.

Then, there was the whole unsupervised birthday party incident. Don't these parents remember being 14? God, I do. We were completely fearless, and careless, and - dare I say it? - stupid! Anyway, my daughter said I ruined the party by making sure her friend's dad stayed there with the kids. I told her I probably saved somebody a trip to the emergency room. All in all, she had a pretty good time though. Nobody said they hated her - and that sometimes happens to her, so I was happy. So was she. She and Tina are going to the mall tomorrow afternoon. I only hope they don't decide to pick up sailors...


I planted my veggies yesterday. I waited until I was sure my new "admirer", Norm was not there - and I went over with my shovels and whatever that thing that looks like a hand is. I planted two rows of green beans, a row of carrots, a row of green onions and a hill of cucumbers. I even left some room for my cauliflower and peppers. I wonder if anything will grow. The flower seeds I planted haven't come up yet. I've probably killed them.


I almost forgot! The woman my brother was kind of dating off and on - DIED! From, are you ready for this - a SINUS INFECTION! He said he talked to her about four days ago and she mentioned the sinus infection. Two days ago, her friend got in touch with my brother and told him she was in ICU. He went to visit her and she was in a coma - she had had a stroke, and got kidney failure... All from a sinus infection. How awful! (Now that little hypocondriac in my head is really gonna have a field day with every little ache or gas pain I get from now on....)

Anyway, I'm tired and feeling needy. I hate that. I'm going to bed.


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