Oh, yeah. I was going to update, but I got distracted by This Wonderful Father's Diary, and after I finshed being all sniffly, I remembered my entry.

The car saga continues. I decided to have Auto Club tow it to the service station this morning. Absolutely DARLING tow truck driver checked it out, hooked it up, and we rode side by side in the cab of his truck to the station. I left the car off and the mechanic said he'd call me with a preliminary diagnosis. I walked back home. I got the call. He didn't know what the hell was wrong with my car.

Maybe it was the Master Cylinder. Maybe I was just nuts. He couldn't make it do it's thing, so he suggested I take the car to work, and bring it back tomorrow - Saturday, so he could test it further. Fine by me, but I wasn't bringing it back to him.

Incidentally, on my way walking back to the service station, I saw my new, goooood lookin' neighbor man. He's just the right age, drives an Expedition (normally I distain SUV drivers, however, in this case, I'll make an exception), is single, has lots and lots of hair, and is friendly as all get out. Hmmmmm. Anyway, he said "hi" as I waddled and sweated my way down Pacific Coast Highway.

I was talking to my buddy, Scott, and he reported having similar symptoms on his car - brake pedal to the floor, and bad smell - intermittantly. Turned out to be the master cylinder. Cost Scott $800. I nearly had an aneurysm! Eight-Hundred Effing Dollars???? I gathered all of my courage, picked up the phone book, and called a nationally reputable brake specialist. I talked to Ricky. Ricky said he would charge me with parts and labor, $280. YEAH!!! I can so afford $280.

Tomorrow at 8 a.m., I'm at the brake specialist for a thorough going over. Whatever it needs, I will fix. I have a high school student to chauffer to school on Monday. Gotta have brakes.

So, now I'm feeling very much relaxed. We walked to Panda Express for a delightful 2 entree dinner, and then to the comic book store so the kidlet could have them hold the new Evil Ernie comic when it comes in. The guy at the counter looks just like Silent Bob. Do ya think he planned it that way???

I'm going to bed early. All that mental stress just wipes me out.


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