Okay. So I'm updating to avoid cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. There's nothing wrong with that!

We picked up the car. Effing $386. I demanded a toy, so they gave me a tire guage.

Then, we went to the Psychic Eye bookstore to look around. I purchased a tiny little book called "Sanctuary" by Paul Monette. It's about a witch who lives in a forest, and a rabbit and a fox who are in love. I don't know why I got the book, except that somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember something I either read, or heard about it. Someting good.

Anyway, I also plunked down $20 for a tarot card reading. Now, I'm not really sure what I think about tarot cards. Maybe they're bunk, maybe not. I used to read them myself, though I wasn't half as good as the woman who read me today.

She says the neighbor man and I will get together. She says he's really a nice guy... (I'm usually not that interested in nice guys - but what the heck)

She says I'm getting some money I have been waiting for (my raise, which is retroactive back to July 1st?...)

She says I have recently had to change doctors, and that I have a new, female doctor - (Yes - I just did that) and that my health will be okay.

She says I work in Marketing (Yes - sales and marketing)

She says my company has a new product out - and the marketing department will do a bad job and we will lose money - (So what else is new?...)

She says that investing time in myself and my new creative ventures as a very good thing - and I shouldn't feel guilty.

Basically, she says it's all good. That was worth $20.

After I clean up this nasty kitchen, I get to do laundry - and walk past neighbor man's apartment about a dozen times. Maybe I'll trip and fall down the stairs, and he can come out and rescue me.


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