Well, the car is in the shop. Ricky called and said it was the master cylinder. He also said something suspect. He said that I had about 80% on my front brakes, and 75% on the back. Hello? I just had the back ones done 7 days ago, I happen to know the front ones need to be done ASAP. What the fuck? Now, I'm not even sure I needed a master cylinder. Or brakes. What's a girl supposed to do in a situation where you don't know how to check this stuff yourself, you don't have time to spend dicking around with different opinions from different mechanics - and you need to have a safe car to schlep your kid around in? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!

Other than the above referenced b.s. - it's been a rather nice day so far. I got up really early and took the car in. Walking down a normally busy thoroughfare, early on a Saturday morning is nice. No cars. Quiet, pretty neighborhood. I went over to the gardens to water my "mud" - 'cause that's all I can see growning. I know why nobody is there during the day. BEES! They're everywhere. Helping the flowers to grow. Gathering ingredients to make honey. Buzz, buzz, buzz. I watered, and got the heck out of there.

I have tomatoes! My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree bush has at least 3 tiny, green tomatoes on it. I knew it could produce - with a little fertilizer, a little water, and a lot of encouragement. I Can Farm!!!

I have to hit the showers now. I smell like - well, I don't want to get into what I smell like. But, I need a shower...


About 12 years ago, I stalked Harrison Ford.

Well, not an official "stalking" by today's standards. I didn't show up at the house wearing a wedding gown or anything. I worked at a store in West L.A. Lots of celebrities came in - Michael J. Fox, Peter Falk, Roy Firestone, Jimmy Smits (he's really, really, really tall), Dionne Warwick - and Harrison Ford... He was having something delivered, and filled out a form with a phone number on it. I couldn't help myself. I copied the number down, and the next morning, very early, I dialed it. I expected that it was going to be his business office, or answering service number. After all - he's Han Solo! The phone rang - once, twice, three times - and a very sleepy voiced Harrison Ford said "Hello?". I hung up! I felt so bad that I woke him up! Then, I just felt bad that I stalked him. I never called again, and I eventually lost the Post-It that his phone number was on, but I have my memories...


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