I'm so bummed! Something has happened to my computer, and I can't load anybody's page! (I have a sneaking suspicion my kidlet has been going places and downloading things again.... She claims to be innocent, but we all know how that goes!) The worst part of all - I got reviewed at Diaryreviews and I can't even see what they thought. Probably for the best - I haven't been the least bit pithy lately.

Had a very nice day. We ran around town a bit - the mall, McDonalds, the craft store (I have already started Christmas crap buying), and the nursery. I am already frustrated after one week of watering what appears to be dirt. I want something green to grow besides the weeds. So, I got some lettuce, and some rosemary and dill and tarragon, plus I got some pretty marigolds and some purple flowers for the front corner. Now, my scarecrow has something to guard. My tomato plant is just so happy! Growing like mad in his little metal cage. And, this is the best part - I have GERMINATION!!! My carrots and cucumbers are growing! This gal can FARM!

I had such a relaxing time digging in the dirt. I didn't want to leave. As I was walking out to the gate, I saw the coolest thing. A baby hawk was in the garden, and when it saw me, it took off and landed on a pole. I got really close to it. It still had those baby feathers on its chest. I guess I freaked it out by talking to it and it flew to a taller pole, and just stared down at me. Gosh, a baby hawk - how cool!

School starts tomorrow. I'm just as nervous as the kid! I'm drowning my nerves in chocolate chip cookies. I hope neighbor-man likes fat chicks!!!!


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