Okay. I have decided this much. If George W. Bush can go in and clean house on whomever is responsible for the horror perpetrated on the people and institutions of the United States of America, I will take my Dubya diary ring link off my page.

If he screws things up worse - I'm leaving it on. Fair enough, I say.

My bosses were missing for the longest time today. One boss was with the rest of the sales leadership and the CEO of our company. They were supposed to be in Chicago, but we never know when they'll take an earlier flight or something. Nobody called in. Even their wives were worried! My other boss who travels alot was mysteriously absent too. His sister called me... It was very nerve wracking - on top of the nightmare on TV.

Everybody is accounted for now. Whew!

I have witnessed so many horrific tragedies since I started working here - Waco, Oklahoma City, Nicole Brown Simpson, The World Trade Center Bombing (Twice), Northridge earthquake, LA Riots, numerous floods, and fires.

I have a hard time getting my brain to grasp events now.

As I watched the reports from the scene, I kept expecting to see Bruce Willis walk out of the rubble and dust - to save us from the bad guys...

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