I have beans! 2" high bean sprouts. They weren't even visible at 5 p.m. yesterday, and today, I have beans. Nature is fascinating. Now, I am very inspired to go forth and water. My lettuce looks a bit wilty, but I don't care. I have beans...

My schedule is all screwed up now with this back to school business. I have to get up in the mornings and do stuff. Like make breakfast for the kidlet, and make sure we've got all our stuff, and get her to school in a timely manner. Boo! I liked summer better. Plus, she came home from her first day as a high schooler, and she was mean as a snake. Evil. Wanted to watch MTV instead of the Cartoon Network. Sniffle. I guess it's all over. I shoulda paid better attention to her childhood, because it's just a memory now... Sob. Snuffle.


I was giving some thought to karma whilst taking a shower this morning.. Like, when I took my car in to two different mechanics, and got two different opinions. One of those guys wasn't being honest. I decided that it wasn't for me to officially decide who I should trust, because if I picked the wrong guy - the dishonest one - and got screwed - on a karmic level, it really had nothing to do with me.

Every day, every one of us has a choice to make. Whether to do a good thing, or a bad thing. If a bad thing happens to me, and I'm basically a good person - it doesn't necessarily mean that I have the bad thing coming to me. I could just be the recipient of someone elses choice. Kinda like the vehicle for their karma. After they do the bad thing to me - they will receive whatever payback they have coming to them directly from the universe. I am just the middle man.

Anyway, it made me feel better - and that's what counts.


I gotta get some sleep. I'm really overwhelmed at work these days. Behind and overwhelmed. I did get my review today. My bosses love me so. I have three bosses. Two of them ganged up in my review, and made it sound like whatever stresses and overworked situations I may have - it's all the fault of the third boss. And, really, he doesn't have me do much at all. These guys just hate the competition for my time. And, I got a full percent more raise than any of the other secretary types. That's pretty cool.


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