Okay. Time to start getting it together. Time to show those bastards what we're made of.

I learned from the great and wonderful John Powers' diary that we can go to Amazon.Com to contribute cash to the Red Cross. Already, since yesterday, people have donated over 1.3 million dollars!!! That's the spirit! The Red Cross is working so hard - our local radio station reported today that they aren't lacking for blood donations at the present time because so many of us are giving - however, they were begging for food - for the volunteers who hadn't had a chance to get out and eat for the past day... They were requesting that restaurant owners and people just going in with blood maybe could bring along a couple of burgers or some donuts or something.

The Director of Sales for our company is stranded, away from his family, and us in Chicago for the next I don't know how long. He phoned in a group voice mail to the office - very emotional and teary. He wants us to keep the victims and our country in our prayers. Times are strange.

On a more positive note - my daughter had a really good day at school today. She had lunch with a group of kids (this hardly ever happens to her), and one of them complimented her on what she had worn to school yesterday (so, they're noticing her in a positive way this year (yeah!), and, she met a cute boy!!!! "Vincent"... He likes to write - apparently, he's smart, and cute and in most of her classes. Ahh. The adventure begins...

SLAY ON BUFFY!!(If you can come back - so can we!)

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