It's been 17 hours. I saw the 2nd plane hit the tower live. I was "radio monitor" at work, so I listened all day long as things developed. It still doesn't sink into my head. I can't make words that make sense. I'm not angry yet. My daughter is afraid. I'm glad airports are closed. I think I would lie awake all night - panicking at every noise - believing a jet would crash into my roof.

I have questions. How could we have not known about this? Where were the people who were supposed to protect us?

I try to stop imagining what it was like for those poor people on the planes, seeing the buildings ahead, and knowing they were doomed. - or those in the towers trying to decide whether to jump or burn...

We are the vehicles and instruments of each other's karma. We interract with each other, and change each other's path. What will become of us now? I gain strength from Stephen's philosophy. Maybe it will help me to sleep.

September 11, 2001

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