I bought an American flag.

This was so unlike me, I was actually embarrassed to be seen buying it.

Due to my extremely complicated political, philosophical and theological ideologies, I have never pledged allegiance to the flag, I haven't wanted to promise loyalty to a government I have been so angry with for so many years (child of the '60's, Vietnam, numerous crimes against developing nations, rigged elections - don't get me started...).

However, since the horrors of yesterday, each time I see the flag flying on somebody's porch, in front of the grocery store, lining the main street of my town - I am no longer reminded of my anger toward my government. I am reminded of the pain that the people that flag represents are feeling right now. I am also reminded that we are all in pain as one people, and we can remain as one people, and heal as one people - and be better, as one people.

Tomorrow morning, I will hang my little flag off my balcony. It's not about anger now. It's about healing.

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