We have ants. Ants of the Apocolypse I like to call 'em.

I enjoy living here, with all this rich nature (except for the human-size gopher hole I have in the garden - I am expecting to see nothing where my lettuce was yesterday - just dirt), but for all these effing ants. I swear, I can't leave the dinner dishes out for any length of time without coming back to the kitchen and finding everything covered in little black, crawly things. Ugh!

I slept well last night for the first time in a few days. Maybe I was just exhausted from all the emotional stress since Tuesday. Yesterday I went with one of my bosses, and another friend to our town's prayer service. It was sweet. There was a large handful of people there, lots of flags. The Mayor gave a little talk. There were several religious leaders, a Minister, a Rabbi, a Muslim (Imam?), and a guy from the Salvation Army - they all said prayers. And, at 7 p.m., per the e-mail everybody in the world got - the kidlet and I went outside with our candles. Only one other family in our building was outside. They weren't all that friendly either. So, kidlet said a Pagan prayer to the Goddess, and we sat on the steps of our building and hugged, and talked about the tragedy.

I have made a decision about how I am going to deal with my knee-jerk, racist pig boss. (see how I love him now?)

Instead of flying off the handle when he starts in with his "take all those bastard Arabs and put them on a jet, and let a terrorist fly them into a building" (he honestly said that, not 2 hours after leaving Mass yesterday - boy, that religious stuff really works...) I'm going to help to lead him from the darkness, into the light, with loving kindness, reason, and logic. I have to realize that his assholish attitude right now stems from fear. He's just not used to being this afraid of anything. He's a Captain of Industry. He's the Head of His Household. He's effing Rich! Nothing has been able to touch him thus far. He's been reduced by experiences beyond his control to those basic emotions we try and leave behind as we grow up. Maybe he can come out the other side, having learned something. Maybe we all can.

I slept better too, last night because I added another blanket to my bedding. A soft blue blanket. Fall is falling. Seasons are changing. Time is moving forward. Life is just beginning to begin again.


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