Whew boy. What a day.

I watched the President's speech. Even before the thing began, I started weeping. I don't know exactly what was happening to me, except that I couldn't seem to get ahold of myself. So, I figured I might as well go with it. I sobbed, I blubbered, I blew my nose - it was a real scene.

Part of my emotional meltdown had to do with the WTC tragedy. I'm still in shock over that. And, there's the looming financial crisis in my own life - the ex husband/child support payer working for Boeing, and he hasn't called up to say "No worries here!". Also, my weekly child support payment is late and I don't know if it was stolen, never made it to my mail box, or didn't get sent because somehow, the financial service Boeing uses was perhaps involved in the WTC? The pain in the ass part of all of that is in order to find out anything, I have to ask the dunder-klumpin ex to call someone. He doesn't know how to call people - or find the Human Resources department of his own company, or do any normal type stuff.

Today, weeks after my review and my bosses informing me of my pay increase (a paltry 4%, but it was more than anyone else got - simply because I work for more bosses than the other secretaries) I was informed that the CEO of our company had decided, after the fact, that I shouldn't get the additional 2% salary adjustment for having the third boss thrust upon me - I was only to receive 2% like the rest of the employees who don't have an additional boss to take care of.

I told my boss that if they needed the money so badly, they should just keep it all. I also let him know that if times weren't so hard, I would quit over it. I was so pissed off! The amount of money that the CEO screwed me out of only amounts to a couple of Latte's at Starbucks a week. I'm not going to miss it. However, my multi-million dollar corportion will miss it less. What a petty little prick!

Both of my main bosses wrote scathing letters of protest to the CEO and copied all the bigwigs and HR. I'm sure it will do no good. It was comforting though, to have that kind of support.

And, then there was Dubya. After the last two weeks, and all its horror, added to my own mess - I took one look at that little guy, realized my entire life and the lives of every American citizen, and all our babies lays in his hands - and I completely fell out...

He gave a speech nearly worthy of Ronald Reagan. I was impressed. And that was weird in and of itself, because I wanted it to be good, so as to impress the terrorist types, but I do so love to hate Dubya, I was kind of wishing he would do something to laugh at... But, it was really, really good. That made me cry even harder!

I have to wash my undies in the sink because I'm too wiped out to walk down three flights of stairs to do a load of wash. I only hope I don't get "dishpan hootchie"!


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