I spoke with the ex-husband, and he was happy to let me know that the division he works for isn't in any real danger of layoffs. In fact, if this war gets nasty, the government will rely heavily upon his division to help out! So, I guess, in a way, that's a good thing...


In celebration of my two pieces of good financial news, the kidlet and I are off to the mall for some good mall food. Most likely Sbarros Pizza. Then, to Sears for their old lady flannel pj's and soft, snuggly socks. The evenings are getting chilly, and since we live in an apartment with the electrical heater in the ceiling - hello? Anybody hear the old saying "Heat Rises"????????. That means we can't turn the heat on in winter time (being from Edison country, we can barely afford the electric bill as it is, let alone sending the heat up towards heaven all winter), therefore, we have to dress warmly!

I don't mind freezing. I'm already decorating for Christmas.

So, for now anyway, things are pretty okay. That is a good thing.


Oh, yeah. I think my sponsee believes me to be a lesbian... I suppose given her experience, any woman without a man attached to her would become suspect. Hmmmmm. Also, this morning, one of my co-workers thought I was pissed at Falwell because I am gay... I don't know what all this means, except maybe I should get laid pretty quick - Apparently, I'm starting to get somewhat of a reputation. At least there's a little mystery to me now...


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