Nothing really to report for the past couple of days. Yesterday, I changed my routine a bit from the usual kid-less Saturday. Usually, as soon as she and her dad leave, I hop in the car and head for the supermarket, schlep 7 bags of groceries up 3 flights of stairs, run two loads of laundry down three flights of stairs (and, back up too), vacuum, clean and then she comes home and wants to be entertained.... HELL NO!

I decided laundry and groceries and cleaning could just effing WAIT! My brother called and I chatted with him about his near-death experience the day before. Seems he was surfing down at old Del Mar, and he caught a bit of hypothermia. He couldn't breathe, make sense, didn't know where he was, could hardly make it to the lifeguard station. The lifeguards checked him out and decided his body temp was too low. They threw him in a hot shower and he rallied almost immediately. Enough to attend the Blink 182 concert that very same night. Hypothermia is a weird way to go...

I gardened to the max yesterday. I am coming to love the process. Except for yesterday, it's usually quiet in the gardens. There are other gardeners here or there, but usually we say hello, and for the most part, ignore each other. I happened to show up just as my next plot neighbors were working on their garden. An old hippie couple. He with a long pony-tail, and she with some sort of knee brace and a BAD attitude. The entire time, she belittled him and second-guessed his every move. I wonder if she ever thought about how she sounds to other people. Anyway, their in-harmonious presence really harshed my mellow. I was having a grand time, picking each and every weed out of the garden, either by hand, or with one of my new garden tools. The carrots, green onions, beans (green, yellow and purple), and cucumbers are all up. The tomato plant is getting its ass kicked by snails and the like. I'm doubtful of its fate at this point. Yesterday, I planted the jalepeno and serrano chiles, as well as the caulifllower and cabbage seedlings. I only planted half of them as I worry they aren't big enough yet. I did germinate them for at least 6 weeks, so in theory, they should be ready. If they croak over, I still have the other half in the little seed germinating thingy's.

Today, the kidlet and I are ditching church (no laundry = no clean undies) this morning. We are going to cruise around town looking at stuff. I need to find my boss a birthday present. Hey! I just thought of it! He's the anti-Arab boss. I should get him something Arabic - like a Koran! Yeah.... That'll do it!



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