This morning, I was watching Dubya give his press conference. He started out sounding remarkably presidential and focused. I figured somebody must have given him some Ritalin. But, after a while, the seduction of the spotlight must have taken over, and he began rambling and using bites from his old talks. Colin Powell shoulda grabbed the sleeve of his jacket and pulled him off the podium...


Okay - this is ironic and weird, but here goes.

Saturday, my brother got me kind of fearful of drinking tap water. He called speciafically to warn me of terrorist attacks on the LA water system. So, dumbass mom that I am, I told my kidlet we were going to drink bottled water for a while and to NOT drink out of the drinking fountain at school, but instead, from the bottled water I would put in her backpack. I FORGOT THE BOTTLED WATER!! See, my kidlet has a good/bad quality. She always seems to do what I tell her to do. So, I figure she won't drink water - she'll become dehydrated and pass out. I can see it now... So, I left work, drove to her highschool with the bottle of water and had to muscle my way in, past the big guy at the front desk, looking directly at the big, yellow sign saying the school has a policy of NOT calling kids up to the office to get stuff their crazy moms drop off - and I take my precious, non-terrorist tainted bottled water to the Health office, where my kidlet gets her Ritalin at lunch, and the sweet, ARAB kid in the Health office offers to take it to her. But, I say no, because he's not supposed to take stuff to the kids, plus, I don't know where her first class is anyway...

Now, everyone at my daughter's school knows her mom is insane!


Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!!!!!

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