I'm incredibly tired tonight - partly as a result of some anti-vertigo medication so the following may be complete bullshit. If so, pardon me!

I was asked today what I thought the US should do about Afghanistan. Should we bomb them, should we use chemicals, etc. I said I didn't think so. I said I thought we should drop food... Lots and lots of food and medications and things that would help the people over there.

I seem to remember hearing way back in the day - Reagan/Bush era, when the US was having a little shindig down in Central America. We weren't in a "war" or anything, but we were doing our level best to keep those blood-thirsty commies out of the Western Hemisphere or wherever. The US government was handing out weapons to the "freedom fighters", along with some good lessons on fighting, stealth etc. (hope that one doesn't come back to bite us on our ass later...). Anyway, those murderin' commies were giving the people - FOOD AND MEDICINE. Guess who the people were fonder of???? When you are hungry and sick, you are more likely to be angry. I say the best weapon we have to offer is good old fashioned sustenance. Dubya, if you want Bin-Laden, give those people what they need.

And, in the future, please remember that people who get picked on and left out of the loop, who are ignored, or ridiculed, and not taken seriously, who are left to be tortured, or locked up in camps, - sometimes try to get even. And, it's not because they're "jealous of our freedom".

I had to say that.


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