I'm pretty sure I have Anthrax. That man at my work, the one with the gigantic butt who honks his nose all day long - he was coughing, sneezing, snorting and generally making a germy pest of himself for the past three days. I told him NOT to breathe around me. However, it seems he's one of those people who insists upon coming to work and standing around the office, spewing out viruses - I don't know, in order to get SYMPATHY??? ATTENTION??

Anyway, I'm sure he has Anthrax and now he's given it to me.

Before I succumb, I would like to make note of a fun experience I had, here on Diaryland. I found a cool diary, and the author gives free Tarot card readings. I thought, "what the heck - It's FREE". I must say, I was very impressed. The reading had a lot of detail to it - not only the predictions, but there were explanations as to what the cards and combinations of cards meant in relationship to the predictions - and, spooky as this is - the predictions were right on the money!! From my salary increase, to the way it was handled, to how I ended up in that particular fix in the first place.

I give this diary a "thumbs up"!!


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