I almost died tonight.

Death by Gopher.

Little bastard dug a tunnel through my garden and came up AGAIN, right next to my beautiful lettuce.

I covered the up obvious hole, and packed it with dirt - little more than a cosmetic fix. Then, I set about de-weeding the garden. Those little weeds pop up in a matter of hours! While travelling from one location to another, AAAAAAH! The ground below my foot collapsed, and I was ankle deep in dirt! I could have broken a hip!

I inquired as to the best method of ridding myself of this pest, and one of the old, experienced gardners said I should buy a trap, and capture it. Eeew! I never realized farming was so - distasteful... I suppose I could catch him, and walk him across the street to the foresty canyon the city uses for a water-something. There's plenty of vegetation over there, and loads of animals, so I know it's safe. I don't want to have to kill the little creep - just make him GO AWAY!!!

I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. I only pray to whatever gods are in charge of vegetable gardens, that there are 6 lettuce plants in that garden tomorrow.....

Gotta pick the kidlet up from her YRUU group at church. She's demonstrating to the other kids the casting of a circle... Unitarians are so cool!


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