I think I know where I run into trouble withe the whole, fantasy book genre. I'm already having trouble with the Fellowship of the Rings. It's all the details that I am required to know and remember. Maps, history, peoples dad's names... I just can't.

It was the same when I used to frequent "The Bronze" board. There were folks on there who knew every episode, every line of dialog - detailed details of EVERY demon for God's sake! I would just want to discuss how cool the last episode was, or what a babe Spike was, or something equally mundane - and they would (and I still cringe in shame and humiliation) ignore me!

I just don't think I have the quantity of memory cells left in my brain to be able to recall whatever river the Hobbits lived near, before the dearth years... I really wish I could - I see all those yummy fantasy books at Borders - the ones with the dragons and fetching young women on their covers - but I don't buy them - I'm too addled for the details. It's sad, really.

I was afraid to look at my garden during lunch today. I have to go there tonight. Just to see whatever wreckage the gopher left me with. I'm sure all my gardener neighbors have gathered around the ruins. Whispering to each other, and clucking their tongues...

This farming is life or death stuff isn't it?


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