Well, the shite's really hit the fan now. This morning, as I was dropping kidlet off at school, I noticed my former sister-in-law (the wack-job ultra religious, hypocrite, insano christian) was behind me in her SUV. THEN, I remembered the "Pagan and Proud" bumper sticker I have on my back windshield. Uh-oh. I knew she was going to pitch a righteous fit about THAT. I was right. When she picked up her kids at my brother's later in the day, she was all over him about the "influence" I have over their children. She told my brother that their daughter didn't believe in Satan, or Hell, or anything! (*gasp*!) Now, she's got it in her head that I'm the one pulling her kid away from the "true" faith. No, I think it's her and her mentally retarded husband who are doing a bang up job of that... I am going to send her an e-mail explaining just how offended I am regarding her opinions about me - for Christ's sake, I've known her for 20 years! We used to do cocaine together. Now, she's the effing virgin mary, and I'm satan's whore! Whatever!!!


On a much nicer note, kidlet and I had a wonderful time at the choral concert tonight. They weren't gospel singers after all. It was a choral group from Prague! Such a sweet group of young people. Only one of them could speak a lick of English, but most of what they sang was in Latin anyway - except for one spiritual - "Go Down Moses" - they sang it "Vay over Jordan" Cute!

Sitting there, I realized that outside of elementary school shows, I haven't been on the audience side of a choral performance. It was strangely moving to watch their eyes, so intent upon the conductor. I remember the feeling of being at one with that person with the baton - it's so zen-like.


I have to compose an e-mail now. If it kicks ass, I may post it here too.


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