This is the letter I wrote to my ex-sister-in-law. It's strange, how it just flows out of me sometimes...

Dear Dumbass Sister-in-Law (that's not really what I put there!):

I am writing you this e-mail because my brother says you have some concerns about me and my religious beliefs, particularly as they pertain to whatever "influence" I might have over your children.

First, let me say that I am more than a little offended. I have known you since you were 19 years old! I was at your wedding, your children's births, baptisms, birthday parties and Christmas dinners. And, in all that time, I was NEVER a Christian.

If I have any "influence" over your children, it is only the kind of influence that allows me to drive them to school in the mornings - as I did for nearly 2 years - feed them, watch movies and eat popcorn with them, laugh and play with them. I suppose, in the light of whatever horrifying bumper sticker I may have on the back of my car, this is terrible news!!

When I took my third step in Alcoholics Anonymous, I had to turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I understood Him. (you see how it doesn't say, God as the Christians understand Him? There's a reason for that you know?). I had to be rigorously honest about who/what that higher power was to me. Very frankly, Christianity, though a nice religion, never had much of an effect on me. I am not un-churched, as you well know. I went to Sunday school every Sunday from kindergarten through high school, vacation Bible school in the summer, 2 years of confirmation classes - I know and appreciate the Christian church, believe me. But when it came to saving my life, it offered me nothing.

I had to find a Higher Power I could understand. And, I found one. To me, God is in the very soil we walk upon. God is in the sea, the stars, plants and animals - other people. God is everywhere and in everything. God is in us and around us. God is good and God is love. That is what being a Pagan is! Understanding that God is not apart from the earth, God is in the earth!

And, yes. To answer your question to my brother- I am very proud to be Pagan!

I am very proud that I do not include myself among those so-called Christians, who mask their hatred of people who are different than they are, in the cloak of religion. Those who would take verses from their Bible out of context in order to make their sick and hateful opinions appear valid. I even heard of one such Christian, who said that all the people of Afghanistan should die, because they weren't Christians! Wow. That's not the kind of "influence" that's good for children, is it?

I would never, ever want to ally myself with people who hypocritically "hate the sin, love the sinner" What a complete load of bunk that is! Of course they hate the sinner. Otherwise such "Christians" wouldn't spend all the time and energy attempting to make that sinner's life as miserable as possible. And, I certainly would never want to be in the same group that uses Satan as an excuse for not taking responsibility for their own evil-doing. No thank you. I'll stay a Pagan.

As for any "influence" I might have over your children - believe me - nobody has more influence than you do. If your daughter has opinions of her own - be glad of it! If she can think for herself, and not be blindly lead (into a cult perhaps?), she will make a better, more confident decision concerning her own higher power. And, that's what you really want isn't it? For her to really know and love the God she will worship?!

As for me, and mine - Please do not concern yourself. The same Higher Power that got me sober, and has kept me sober for nearly eleven years, loves me and my child very, very much. This Higher Power works miracles in our lives each and every day. I am grateful for the care I receive, and I am filled with joy at every sunrise.

J___, I do wish the best for you. I worry that you are filled with needless fears and unwarranted prejudices. Does your new church make you feel that way? Do you believe that is the way God would have you live? I pray not.

Blessed Be!


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