What a beautiful day it is today. Grey skies, cool breeze, smells like Autumn. Autumn is a lot more subtle in Southern California than it might be in, say, New England. Not too many leaves turn orange and golden here. There is a nice, subtle change though, if one pays close attention. I love Autumn. Perhaps, as in life, the closer one gets to death, the more beautiful and precious everything seems. If Winter is death, then Autumn is like that last desperate gasp.

We slept in our old-lady flannel pj's last night, with extra blankets. Jeez, it's going to be an ice-house in here come Winter! I have my sweats on today - along with some nice, thick socks. I have to go to my garden - Still 5 lettuces as of last night - I poured about a swimming pool's worth of water down that little rodent's hole - maybe he'll just go away peacefully....

After the concert last night, we went to Hof's Hut and ate BREAKFAST at 10 p.m. Mmmmmmm. Pancakes with maple syrup. I haven't had pancakes in a long, long time. It was glorious!

I haven't heard anything on the sister-in-law front yet. My niece called me to ask how to make scrambled eggs. We talked about the situation. It'll probably work out okay - she said her mom would most likely resond to my e-mail with one that told me how she would pray for me... Grrrrrr. Aaargh.


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