I never thought I would live to say this:

Dan Rather Rocks!

I'll qualify that by saying, he rocks to the extent that network news will allow him. I always thought of Dan Rather as a big dick. And, he is that. However, I just watched him do a little interview with the REAL DICK, that Rumsfeld person. Rumsfeld sat there, and with a straight face, told the American people that it is the policy of the US Government to allow other countries to do as they please. (This was with regard to whether or not the US could fly bombing missions out of Saudi Arabia) Dan Rather managed to ask the question twice. Twice! As if he somehow couldn't quite swallow THAT one. The US Government has never, ever, EVER allowed other countries to do as they please on ANY level, unless of course, it was to opress it's women, children and poor. Then we are happy as clams to allow such freedom of choice.

This is the primary reason we have these types of terrorist problems today.

That old, decrepit fart knew he could sit on national television and tell that lie.

And, he will get away with it. That is the ultimate tragedy of this entire situation. People just believe.

Was it the lead paint chips we ate as kids? Is it the preservatives in our food? Why are we so stooooopid?


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