Didn't insult any heart transplant patients today, so that was good. Almost crashed my boss's computer from nearly 3,000 miles away - that wasn't so good. I finally had to tell him to "push the BIG button" like I do my kid.

I just don't get my bosses. The one in Michigan gives me the most work. These days, I'm up to my neck in his stuff - deadlines, crisis time - heart palpitations etc. The middle boss, who, by the way, doesn't do shite all year long (except for right now) sees that I'm cracking up, and will come into my office with a sheet of paper, and ask me to fax it to someone. Like he's got an anchor hanging out of his ass, or he can't operate a complicated piece of equipment like a fax machine. Then, he calls me into his office to help him make a smidge more room between the attachment icons on his e-mail. Hello?! Can you see the sweat on my forehead and those little piles of hair on the floor? Hello?! Then, the Michigan boss calls me to have me help him figure out why his defrag stops at 80%. Excuse Me??? First of all, like I give a shit! (That's when we almost crashed his puter). My third boss is pretty okay. He hardly works at all. Lucky guy. If he ever starts looking sickly, I'm applying for HIS job!


I purchased a Linda Ronstadt album tonight. "Heart Like A Wheel". I had the album back in the early '70s when I was in college. I would fire me up a doobie, lay up in my brother's room (he had the stereo) and sing like I was Linda herself! My poor mom would keep turning the TV volume higher and higher! HA!!!

I went through the entire Borders CD collection, and this was the only CD I wanted. I think the reason I keep buying these old CD's - the ones I used to have on vinyl - is an effort to go back in time, and feel feelings I used to feel, but at the same time, know what I know now. Like the movie Peggy Sue Got Married - she was back in high school, but she still had all her grown up experiences. I don't know exactly why I chose Linda Ronstadt. I imagine I will work through whatever I need to work through while singing along, these many years hence... I only hope my neighbors are as charitable as my mom was!


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