So very busy. So many deadlines. I HATE catalog season!

Anyhoo, I got my name on local (cable) TV last night. I was the winner of the "Where's This in Milkland" contest! I was the first to identify a certain place in our town by looking at a photo. Since I've lived here most of my life, I'm pretty good at knowing where stuff is. I won a coffee mug. Yay for me!


The gopher didn't go away. He was just resting up, saving his energy in order to pull an eight inch tall bean plant down into his hole... It's On Baby!!! He's gonna die. The Japanese gardner guy re-set the trap for me. I only hope I have greasy gopher guts to clean up tonight. Little bastard!


I stink today. Really, I stink! Although I didn't get to notice it until I was on my way to work, in the close confines of my car. The smell, I quickly identified as wet dog. I did laundry this weekend, right on the tail end of the lady in front of me. Everyone in our building - except us, has a dog of one kind or another. The only thing I can guess is she had washed her dog, and washed the towels or whatever, right before I did my laundry. And, if the plumbing in the laundry room works as well as, say, my toilet - then, I probably washed my clothes in her dirty, dog stink filled water.... Ugh. I stink like a wet dog!

I'm sooooo grossed out. Imagine what else is floating around in that water...*gag* Nope. From now on, it's the wonderfully fresh and clean (where they filmed a Doritos commercial at one time) Fluff 'n Fold for me! They have cable TV in there, so if I have to wait, I can be entertained at the same time. No more stinky Milkmaid!


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