Now I've gone and done it. As per the oh so wickedly, wicked Herworship, I impulsively signed up for the 2001 Novel Writing Event. Apparently, each year, there is this international contest, of sorts, wherein aspiring hopeful writers of all types, attempt to finish a 200 page, 50,000 word novel in exactly one month. It doesn't have to be good - in fact, it won't be good - and nobody will even READ it - just count the words. The point of this exercise, as I understand it, is to finish - and the perks are, you get to be creative, nearly non-stop for 30 days (so, amazing things will no doubt happen to your psyche), as well as after all is said and done - you can call yourself a novelist and not be lying!!!

Like everyone else, I have that Great American Novel inside my head. This way, I can get it out, without that pesky problem of it having to be a GOOD novel.

Anyway, it gives me something to look forward to that's all mine. 'Cause every once in a while, this being a mom/administrative assistant crap gets on my nerves. I mean, I could take a lover, but that entails way too much dieting and pedicure maintenance for me. I think right now, I'd rather write....

For dinner tonight, it's spinach and feta cheese stuffed chicken breasts from Whole Foods, accompanied by fresh green beans. (shit, no butter - must get creative right NOW...)


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