Just dropped the kidlet off at church. Her youth group is participating in an AIDS Walk. I forgot that Unitarians are notoriously tardy people. They don't have generations of Protestant work ethic, or whatever it is, that makes former Lutherans, like me, prompt. Unitarians just seem to get the idea that the world will continue to spin, even if they are late. I don't think so!. Everybody knows that life as we know it, will cease to be if I am one minute late for something. I am the one who is drumming my fingers on some table somewhere, getting a stroke from waiting for these relaxed and serene individuals to show the fuck up... They will surely outlive me - and be LATE for my funeral!

Anyway, while we were waiting around for the rest of the kids to show, we watched as her group leader choked down a handful of AZT, and then fired up a Camel filter. Go figure...

I hope she has a good time, bonds with the other kids (including the two extremely cute lesbian teenagers who were canoodling there in the parking lot...) and that her shoes don't fall apart half way through the walk. She showed me the sole on one of them last night - after the shoe store had closed - of course. The thing had a large crack across the ball of the foot part. Grrrrr. She'll be fine. I'm just incredibly neurotic today. Maybe I'll clean house to take my mind off things. Yeah, right!


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