I do not recommend an MRI to anyone who has the slightest case of claustrophobia. Nope. I don't have it, and I was buggin! The tech stuck my head, which he had immobilized with some sort of masking tape, in a very small tubular thing. He left the room, and for the next, oh, half an hour or so, I was assaulted by bangings, buzzings, rhythmic rappings and table vibrations (and not the fun kind, either).

Then, this Angel of Mercy, injected something in my arm - mainlined me, with God only knows what radioactive substance. It's probably lingering in my kidneys right now...

After I got back to work, I looked up MRI on-line. If someone was standing about 3 feet from the tube I was in, and held in their hand a large pipe-wrench - it would have been pulled from their grasp, and hurtled into the tube WITH me! That's why they were so concerned over whether I had on any metal. I didn't think of it at the time, but back in 1968, I stepped on a sewing needle and the tip was stuck in the joint of one of my toes (I don't even remember which toe now). The doc said to leave it in there. I don't know if it's still in my toe or not now. What if the magnetic pull of the machine dislodged the tiny little piece of metal? What if it's floating along in my blood stream, getting ready to become a brain embolism or something? Should I call the neurologist? He already thinks I'm a nut job, this will just confirm his diagnosis. Waaaa!


On a lighter note - Arnold continues to come into our office in order to use the printer. However, now, he's singing and whistling. What is THAT about? Does he need to announce his presence that badly? We won't let him honk his nose in our office - we won't allow him to fart in there - or spew phlegm - now he's singing. I tell you, the man has issues... Just hope he doesn't also have weapons!


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