The Arnold situation has hit an all time low.

After the "don't blow your nose in our office" incident, and then the "don't bring your baked goods into our office, and by the way, don't touch our food" incident - Arnold struck back...

This afternoon, three of us were b.s.'ing about last night's TV fare, and Arnold came in to retrieve something off the printer. He stood in the middle of the room for a couple of minutes, took out his handkerchief, and HONKED his nose. My co-worker, the one who detests Arnold the most - gave him a gigantic RASPBERRY!! She was all "pthhhhhhhhhh!" as he walked out the door. The whole thing was so unexpected, and to see her face, with her tongue hanging out - Oh, my god! I thought I was going to pee my pants!

Later, Arnold came in, and dropped a piece of paper in her in-box. Something about her needing manners. Manners?! Sure, she was completely rude, but having been assaulted by his nose and his ass for the past few months, it was just a matter of time before she cracked! Manners?!

Anyhoo - she wrote a memo to somebody about what happened, and she told her boss. I dunno. I wish he would go away. Just his presence here is unsettling. I never know when he's going to ask me some incredibly personal question, like "I hear you went to the gynecologist - how is your vagina?" Really, it's like that. Or, I'll be sitting at my desk, and he'll effing honk that nose of his, and I'll jump off my chair. Or, and this is the worst - He'll blow his nose with that handkerchief, not bother to wash his hands, and take a piece of whatever food is on our office table. Then, we can't eat it - God knows whatall bacteria he's carrying in that schnoz! What is it with this man? He's 60 years old! Surely he has learned some social skills! AAACK!

(Kitten Poker with Spike... *sigh*)

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