Today was not Senator Boxer's most enjoyable day. She appeared on one of LA's local news programs. Giselle Fernandez,their brand new, news anchor began her interview by saying something like "What exactly is going on with this whole Anthrax problem, because we don't think you guys know what you are doing"...

Jeez. What a way to begin a beautiful relationship.

I mean, it was awesome in its own way. One usually doesn't get to witness interviewers jumping down their interviewee's throats. But, it was a good question. I'm starting to believe that nobody does know what they're doing. They haven't caught the SOB who's sending the bacteria. (How many deranged scientists live in effing New Jersey for cry-eye???) It seems like those in charge are simply putting out fires as they happen. There seems to be no "pro-action" going on, outside of getting a really good deal on bulk Cipro from the Bayer company. Maybe I live in a Hollywood movie, but it's starting to make me nervous. Where's our super-hero when we need him?

Anyway, back to the interview. Barbara Boxer got really defensive, her face got kind of contorted, she puffed herself up, and began to drone on, with the same party line we've been getting from all the politicians. The news anchor had to interrupt her, and that made it all the more tacky. Later, the anchor apologized for being rude... Ahh, live TV!


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