I'm only going to finish this stupid novel if it becomes fun... So far, it's only interesting, and somewhat of a pain in my ass. I never did come back to it last night after I logged off. I didn't do the dishes either. I was more or less fried. So, I'm 1000 words short on the first day.

I'm not going to let that fact bother me too much. I figure when the story gets going, the words will come. Or, I hope they come...

In other news - I have BEANS!! Went over to water the garden during my lunch hour yesterday, and found lots and lots of string beans!! I picked a handful to take back to the office. Wow. Beans. Me and God workin' side by side.

Speaking of God, I have the coolest story. The woman I sponsor has major financial issues. Her ex-husband, and father of her 3 kids is currently in rehab and unemployed. She is r-e-a-l-l-y broke. She also desperately needs new tires. Anyway, on Halloween, instead of going to a party with her new boyfriend, she took her kids over to the rehab place so they could spend time with their dad. I told her she was racking up good karma for that, and I guessed she would find herself sitting right in front of a tire shop, with the tires she could afford staring right back at her.

Today, she decided to go to the tire store at lunch. She went inside and spoke with the tire salesman. She asked if she could fill out a credit application, and admitted to the sales guy she knew she would be rejected. He told her not to fill it out, and asked to look at her tires. He told her she only needed two tires, and that he had good, used tires out back for $20 each. She said "great, but where am I going to get $40???" He told her she could have the tires, and pay him back when she was able..... How effing often does something like that happen in real life??

(next Tuesday you're playing smoochies with Spike...)

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